1Customise your table

Personalising your Babyfoot for either home, club or work use is as simple as completing five simple steps. And with a minimum order of one, there’s nothing to stop you from making it your own.

2Choose your finish

All cabinets are handmade and can be made in a choice of finishes that include natural beech, walnut, cherry, white leaded, painted in your choice of colour.

3Decide on the legs

The solid timber legs usually come in black but why not throw some colour on them? Of course you could go au naturel or even clear perspex. Lots of options.

4Change the rails

With a dozen colours to choose from, the rails are easily customised to match your company, team or personal preferences.

5Put it in writing

Our in-house design team are on hand to make sure that anything that can be done, is. We’ll use your artwork or create new designs for you. Your choice.

6Make your mark

Get creative. Multi-layered screen printing, permanent adhesive stickers or even temporary vinyl letters can all be applied at the factory.

7Pick the teams

And don't forget the team strips. One or two bespoke painted teams, female players even special unique casts are all possible. We've even done Barbie dolls!

Table: Customised B90

Price: £to be based on final specification inc. delivery and VAT