Bonzini Football Table Fixture


Rolling Stones EXHIBITIONISM Saatchi Gallery, London. April - September 2016
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ILMC 27 Bonzini B90

The International Live Music Conference (ILMC) is the most respected meeting place for live music professionals in the world and is the leading annual gathering of professionals involved in the global touring, festival and live entertainment industries. Here's some fun images of promotors and the like competing on a custom Bonzini B90 they purchased for the ILMC 27 in 2015

Bonzini, Messi & Lay's

Behind the scenes with Bonzini, Messi & Lay's

I love my Bonzini table but ...

I love my Bonzini table but my friends love it more! They are always coming round and taking beer from my fridge and playing on the table until the early hours...

I first fell in love with Baby Foot 15 years ago when I worked in a cocktail bar in London that had 3 Bonzini tables. Although the other staff had been playing for years I soon got the hang of it and stole the odd exciting goal here and there. I’ve always wanted a table of my own and bit the bullet this year and as the Football World Cup in Brazil was coming I wanted one in my home.

When I looked at the website I couldn’t believe the options available, snake handles and any colour combination you could ask for. I made mine white with black legs and silver players which goes perfectly in my modern kitchen. It’s been the hub of entertainment after dinner parties and everyone seems to come back to my house after the pub, I can’t understand why?

Of all the Foosball tables I’ve ever played Bonzini is by far the best in terms of ball control and durability. I’ve played my table very hard since I got it and it's still like new! I’m currently building an extension where it'll be housed with all my other toys. Just don’t tell the mrs!

Uber Foosball Championship!

Uber, London customised a B90 a few years back and today run an office Foosball Championship. They're also clearly confident with their team's Bonzini table skills as they boast an online form to fill in challenging local businesses to take them on!

We rate the table 5* stars - The table gets well used by our staff throughout the day and is an integral part of our office! There's a lot of team rivalry when it comes to winning the foosball cup :)

Pale Blue Dot Creative

I used to play a lot of babyfoot during our family summer holidays in France and always dreamt of owning a Bonzini table. It's such a lovely piece and we have so much fun playing every day. I don't know what we would do without it now.

Jaime Steele
MD Pale Blue Dot Creative

Happy with custom B90 and service

Was absolutely delighted with the service I received from Babyfoot Ltd. As a novice table purchaser - Babyfoot Ltd guided me through all the options available (colours / styles of table) and I was able to create the perfect table for the room - looking for a mixture of table functionality and also good looks for its position in the house. The service both before and after purchase has been great and the table has lived up to expectations. Star rating 5*

The One Off, London says …

The One Off, London says …

Everyone loves the tables! We would rate it 5* stars for entertainment and design.

I think the main reason why we wanted a Bonzini table was to help breakup our studio to allow for 'play time' and 'work time’. It definitely helped create a more relaxed environment and enhanced the mood in the studio. We have started tournaments within the company with our own dedicated leader board on a secure website that our digital team have created! :) Playing in teams also helps aid team bonding.

One of our directors was first introduced to the Bonzini tables at Kick bar in Shorditch, London.

This has since been his favourite table hence why he had requested we buy Bonzini for both studios in London and Derby.

BONZINI Open 2013 @ Bar KICK (SHOREDITCH, LONDON) 28/29/30 June 2013

Please click here for ALL details ... New comers/novices welcomed to enter or cheer competitors on as a spectator! Fantastic venue, friendly service, great food & drink! Hope to see you there!!

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